Beck Colechin

Beck grew up next door to one of Sydney’s precious nature reserves, which was her play space and escape. Her childhood love of nature influenced her later choice to study horticulture and landscape design. Today, the bush remains her source of rejuvenation.

Since graduation Beck has worked on a wide range of projects, most recently as lead designer for Garden Life. Over the years, she has developed a deep understanding of construction details to complement her plant knowledge and a thorough grasp of all aspects of the approval process from council to Land and Environment Court. 

Beck thrives on discovery and the process of combing a client’s aesthetic with her own knowledge to create something special.

Richard Unsworth

Richard has loved plants and gardens since he was a kid growing up in semi-rural Yorkshire. After moving to Sydney in the early 1990s and completing formal studies in horticulture and design, Richard established Garden Life. This garden design and retail business has thrived for more than 20 years, offering garden design services alongside a curated selection of plants and pots sourced from around the globe.

Richard has developed a reputation for beautiful gardens that both respect the client's dreams and respond to the site's opportunities, whether an expansive property, large commercial project or tiny residential courtyard. 

Richard is a passionate advocate for gardening and loves sharing that passion through contributions to magazines, and as the author of two books, Garden Life and The City Gardener. When he is not bringing his expertise to other people’s gardens, he is most often found working on restoring and regenerating his bush garden at Pittwater.

Philosophy We listen, we bring our extensive knowledge and we advocate for the needs of the environment. Working with principles of rewilding, sustainability and sensitive design, our landscapes are thoughtfully designed for minimal impact.

We find our knowledge and experience provide peace of mind. Our abiding care for each client’s landscapes and the environment is shown in our meticulous, professional and thoughtful approach at every stage.

  • — Design Consultation

  • — Concept Design

  • — Town Planning + Approval

  • — Documentation + Specification

  • — Project Management

joyful spaces

Our gardens are sustainable.

Working with principles of rewilding, sustainability and sensitive design, our landscapes are thoughtfully designed for minimal impact.

Our landscapes add value to places through a synergy with the surroundings and sustainability driving every decision.

Our gardens are established.

We bring our long experience to set a new precedent for landscape design; one that encourages a more thoughtful and natural approach. 

Our depth of knowledge allows us to understand and execute even the most complex of visions – making us an ideal partner for ambitious clients and architects alike.

Our gardens are creative.

We look beyond traditional approaches to enhance our clients’ outdoor spaces and connect people to nature.

Our creative spirit means we are always seeking new ways to improve our approach, give our clients beautiful experiences, and design timeless landscapes that will endure long after we are gone.

Our gardens are considered.

For every decision, we consider both the needs of our clients and the natural environment. Our designs are informed by an understanding of how these needs intersect.

The spaces we create are for our clients – so they must resonate with their lifestyle and aspirations. As a part of the local environment, they must also be sustainable and contribute to a positive future.